Public Comments on Community Survey

Below are neighborhoods and communities of interest in the City of Marina that have been identified by the public. All public comments are gathered at the public hearings, community workshops, and via email at

The nature of my interest as resident is to be well represented since we live on a such a diverse community. We do have several layers and we do need well known and well cultured representatives, who are really aware on diversity. I am a deaf man , Hispanic with a Master Degree, and know three languages ( Spanish, English and American Sign Language). Marina is so young and less than 50 years. Lets be a model community or city for other cities!. The importance of taking in count such variables for the next 10 years. Other concern is the speed of the cars on Marina Drive ( intersection of Marina Drive and Palm Avenue) in the morning and afternoon, I do walk a lot around Marina.

Rent Control. My concern is that I can not afford to live where I work and there is absolutely no limits on how much landlords can charge. Yea, yea, yea so what the landlords can only go up a certain percentage. They are finding other ways and means to make you pay more. They are going up on everything else, i.e., water & garbage. Have anyone noticed that the homeless population is growing? Due to UN-affordability.

The housing market is ridiculous … not only can we not afford to rent in Marina,; we can’t afford to buy a home in the area either.

Homes built 60-20 years ago.
Mix of employed families – concerned that taxes used for valuable services
two family incomes- many disconnected from city because not employed here and recreation not in marina
retired original home owners – needing to preserve value and need many community resources
new/first time home owners getting to know city
LOTS of youngsters utilizing schools and recreational resources

Preserve the beaches and biking / walking trails around it. They are the resource we can attract tourism. On the other hand, keep the beach community and don’t over develop it into concrete zones. Keep the trees keep the parks keep the farms around. We should make the farm direct to table a reality.

My community is located near a great intersection and near the Police and Fire Department. I do live on Marina Drive

Crescent Ave between Reservation Rd and Carmel Ave

Forest Circle
South of Reservation road but not new homes and east of California till Salinas road

Central Marina

I do live near the beach, Ten minutes walking, I do have to walk from Marina Drive through Palm Avenue and go past the Marina Elementary School and under the freeway to get the Beach , near the dog Kennel.

Close to Reservation Road

Reservation Road is a major boundary.
No easy community connection across Imjin parkway since Third St crosswalk is so dangerous.

I did send an e-mail to,

My concern is the council representatives are not a such as diverse as the Marina community is. I would appreciate a diverse team on this redistricting, since It will impact us for the next ten years. Think for others before first.

Need infrastructure maintenance.
Need to feel safe.
Need wide variety of community services.
May not be very supportive of new development in other parts of town if streets are not maintained at their homes.

I do not like my district since is an odd shape, plus i do feel I am not well represented, For Instance I am Hispanic, who lives on District Two, and I have more in contact with the council member representative since she is Hispanic and lives on District Three.

Like. My District 4 makes sense.

Dislike. The western part of town is a random mix of new homeowners and low income housing.